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Mentra is a free service that puts you in front of inclusive recruiters rather than forcing you to go after them. Some call this a virtual "reverse job fair".
Once you join our talent pool and fill in our 20 - 30 minute application, we'll find you ideal career opportunities where your brain and heart can thrive.

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Animation of the Mentra Profile, showing sections such as 'Strength and Personality', 'Work Experience, 'About Me', and 'Preferences'.
The Mentra Profile goes beyond the traditional resume to provide a platform for self expression, especially for those with under-utilized talents.
The Mentra profile captures the unique characteristics and environmental preferences of the individual and the job that are crucial to making or breaking a job fit.

How does Mentra work for job seekers?

At Mentra, we care about each and every one of our candidates. We'll help you get your dream job and stay in touch after your start date to make sure your new position is everything you want it to be.
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As we partner with inclusive companies, our team will put your profile in front of recruiters to find a good fit.
Ongoing assistance
We provide ongoing support and mentorship from our team to help you build your skills and get you closer to an interview.

Apply your brain and heart to thrive in diverse roles.

Mentra knows that autistic job seekers are passionate and thrive in any field. We're working with employers in a diverse range of industries to make sure that our candidates can find any role they're interested in, whether it's technical, creative, advocacy-based, or anything else.
Illustration of a neurodiverse brain, featuring skills like Graphic Design, Teaching, Performance Arts, Restaurant Work, Sales, Admin Assistance, Data Analysis, Programming, Public Policy, HR/Recruiting

A human-centered design approach.

Based on our research initiated at Georgia Tech, the team has learned what data is instrumental to making or breaking a good job fit. We have spent over 2 years understanding the autism community to intimately understand pain points and success factors in a job position. Today, we are working with employers to examine and address barriers in the employment process.
Mentra's four profile areas ensure a successful fit.
Strengths and Personality
Environmental Preferences
Career Background
Personal Information

Our founding story

Mentra's founder Jhillika Kumar speaks about the barriers faced by neurodiverse individuals during the hiring process, her personal connection to the movement, and why Mentra's mission matters now more than ever.

People are talking about Mentra.

Mentra is a place where I don't need to hide the fact that I'm autistic, where I find myself much freer to show people what I'm capable of. Recruiters are talking to me because I'm talented, not as if I'm a PR trophy for them for offering opportunities to an autistic person.
Sebastien La Duca
Developer, Mentra
Mentra is like a revere job fair where individuals present themselves to employers that care about hiring neurodiverely. Thisgives hope to people with developmental disabilities who can now focus on aplying towads inclusive employers.
Eren Niederhoffer
President, Autism Self Advocacy Atlanta
Unmasking is a key to being yourself and bringing to any job your whole self.Mentorship is the best partnership as it brings structure and development to the mentee's life and reinforces success in cooperation -- Mentra has the model that works.
Jason Starin
Vice President, Bank of America

Built by neurodiverse individuals, for neurodiverse individuals.

We are stronger in numbers.
We are a team of disability advocates and autistic self-advocates working hard to level the playing field in the job finding process. If you join us, it helps us help you. We will advocate for you with every employer and CEO we talk to so they can leverage this platform to succeed.

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